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Woodland Grange Primary School FOWG News

Hello and welcome to the Friends of Woodland Grange (FOWG) web page.
The FOWG is the parent association of Woodland Grange Primary School.
Through this page we can keep everybody up to date with the work of the FOWG.

Welcome to the Autumn 2006 FOWG Newsletter.
Hope you all had a great Summer and are looking forward to Christmas!

The next meeting of the Friends is on Tuesday 26 September 2006 at 7pm at the school. Please come along, you are guaranteed a warm welcome

The next FOWG meeting will be the AGM. The AGM will have a brief report from the chairman and the treasurer. There will also be a opportunity to elect the committee. It's very important the FOWG have an up to date committee with chairperson, treasurer, vice chair, secretary and committee members.

Why don’t you consider putting yourself in for a committee position? These positions do not mean you have to do all the work., they are much more an administrative requirement to keep the society going. There are many people in support that actually organize and carry out each event. Current committee members have been on the committee for nearly three years and it would be great to have some new people on board.

Please try and attend the AGM in September. Bring your ideas, your support, and think about a place on the committee!

Notice Board
Hopefully you have noticed the new, large white FOWG notice board in the front of the school. Keep a look out for dates and notices and hopefully the odd picture or two!

Upcoming events

Autumn term
Autumn term means lots of events including Halloween discos, fireworks evening, Diwali, Norta, Christmas cards, Christmas Fair and quiz nights. None of these will take place if you don’t organize them, so come along to a meeting or get in touch with your ideas and support.

Fireworks Evening
This ever popular event will take place on Saturday 4 November at 7pm in the school grounds. This is always a great evening out for the family. Come along to enjoy the fantastic fireworks, wonderful refreshments, great glow sticks and atmospheric, er, atmosphere! Bring your family, friends, friends’ families etc, this event is always more fun than the corporation do!

Events Review

Summer Fun Day
A great time was had by all at the 2006 Summer Fun Day. Once again the sun poured down on us and the place was packed! The event raised a stunning £3000 for the school. Everybody enjoyed the fun and games and the day was a great success.

The ice cream and candy floss were a real hit, as were the cool drinks and cakes in the hall. Oadby Castle Hire brought along a great new Sumo game to go with the bouncy castles, and yes, once again, all the jars went in the jar tombola!

The fun day takes a lot of organizing. Many thanks indeed to the organizing committee and to those who organized and ran all of the various stalls and events. Special thanks also to external contributors, Oadby Castle Hire, Wincanton, Debbie Walker for another smashing star prize, all the firms that contributed to the raffle prizes, and to everyone else who contributed. Thanks also to you all for attending and making the day a great success.

Family Cycle Day
I’m pleased to report the family cycle day was a great success. Continuing the trend for ever greater numbers and warmer weather, ten families attended and the day was warm and dry! All abilities are catered for at Pitsford Reservoir and everyone from the youngest to the oldest had a great cycle. After the leisurely lake circuit the group enjoyed picnics and bbq’s by the lake, followed by a few ball games. Keep a look out on the notice board for piccies!


Printer Cartridges
Please deposit any used printer cartridges to the collection point near reception. FOWG can raise a little money on these and of course it helps recycling.

Web / email
Please feel free to contact the FOWG committee with ideas, suggestions and offers of help on fowg@woodlandwideweb.org.uk or call the chair Peter Elliott on 07971 073 198. Info is often posted online via the school website http://www.woodlandwideweb.org.uk. If you would like to join FOWG's Email Updates listing please send in your email address to the fowg@woodlandwideweb.org.uk address.

Do you have ideas for a local quiz, a new activity or event? Please get in touch and send in your ideas or volunteer to help. All offers to contribute are met with enthusiasm!!
posted by Peter Elliott on Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Welcome to the Friends of Woodland Grange web pages on the Woodland Wide Web!! We are terribly proud to be here and can't resist this opportunity to let you know what it is all about, how it works, what's happening this term and HOW YOU CAN HELP!

The FOWG is not a group working on your behalf, but YOUR society. It can ONLY work with your support.

The FOWG is a fundraising PTA. It has a committee, meetings, a charitable status and lots of support from people like you. Our aims, events and previous successes are all detailed below, do have a good read.

These pages are designed to help get messages from WG to you and also to get valuable feedback from you. Please try and visit regularly to catch updates, find out details of events, and feedback to us. We need to know how you feel about the FOWG, whether things worked, and whether you want to contribute in any way, shape or form.

Surf's up!!

FOWG Aims and Objectives
The published objective of the FOWG is to "advance the education of the pupils of the school". Like any worthwhile objective, it's big, deep and makes a lot of sense. A well resourced school promotes a better education. A strong Parent teacher Association like FOWG can help resource a school by involving parents and pupils more, developing community links, raising cash, raising awareness and improving communications as a whole. It's a cycle. A great school improves the community, a strong community contributes to make their schools great. With this in mind, we can suggest these two FOWG aims;

a) encourage the involvement of parents, pupils and staff in fun activities inside and outside school in the hope of developing school / community relationships, and

b) generate enthusiasm and cash from these fun activities that can be ploughed back into the school for the benefit of the pupils and the school as a whole

Support us!
Many parents, pupils and staff have consistently supported the aims of FOWG and we encourage everybody to get involved and make every FOWG event a huge success!

The valuable work and contributions of the FOWG depend entirely on your support. We need your help, attendance, contributions and enthusiasm for every one of our events, so please don't hold back!

Interested in developing these web pages for FOWG? Why not send in a few jpegs of a recent FOWG event showing your family having loads of fun!!

Even attending the routine FOWG meetings shows you are interested and supportive. There is a tremendous amount of satisfaction to be had form contributing to these meetings and events

There will be a regular FOWG Newsletter soon. Why not contribute to this as well?

Events and Activities
Through the year we usually organise a fireworks display, Diwali activities, Christmas fundraising events, quizzes, Easter events, a summer cycle and the grand Summer Funday. Please keep a look out for information, newsletter and posters for these events.

FOWG Successful Fundraising History
Did you know FOWG raised an incredible £9,000 in 2002/2003? The support, hard work and generosity of the parents, staff and committee have proved absolutely invaluable at helping to resource our children's education. This can only get better with your continued support!

Don't forget a successful local school such as Woodland Grange contributes immeasurably to the local community, securing a good education for children and an active focal point for the community. It should not go unnoticed of course that we also enjoy healthy house prices in a large part thanks to the success of the local schools!

Call for Funds and Sponsorship
The FOWG is always interested in fundraising. Do you have a fundraising idea? Would you like to contribute? Can you offer corporate sponsorship? Many local firms have charity budgets, why not ask for a contribution or a chance to sponsor an event? If you have any feedback or ideas just get in touch or come along to the FOWG meetings!

How can you contribute?

1) Attend meetings and fundraising events
2) Bring along family and friends
3) Spread the word
4) Contribute to events
5) Donate money and items for events

Corporate Sponsorship - Would you benefit from local advertising? Why not consider contributing part of your charity or advertising budget to the FOWG? There are opportunities to sponsor events or stalls, advertise in the FOWG newsletter (distributed to every family) or just send a donation!

The FOWG Committee
The FOWG committee has recently been renewed. Your chairman is Peter Elliott (peter.elliott@epsweb.com or call 07971 073 198).

Chairman: Peter Elliott - peter.elliott@epsweb.com
Vice-chairperson: Jo Patel - sam.jo@btopenworld.co.uk
Secretary: Clare Bramley - cbramley01@aol.com
Treasurer: Steve Bird - sabird@lineone.net
Committee member: Julie Conboy
Committee member: Louise Wilkinson
Committee member: Sue Bird - sabird@lineone.net
Committee member: Susan Nowobilski - susan@nowobilski.com
Committee member: Michelle Cullen
Committee member: Lucy Boyer

Call for Feedback
Please feel free to contact the FOWG. We need your comments, feedback, ideas and suggestions. You can use the emails above or of course accost us in the playground!
posted by Peter Elliott on Sunday, September 28, 2003

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