Using ithink
The materials on this site are designed to encourage discussion between children on a wide range of issues relevant to themselves. Examples of how we have used the materials in school are in circle time, assembly time, PSHE sessions, Citizenship sessions or to tackle a specific issue that has arisen. The children discuss in pairs, random pairs, groups or as a class. The materials may be presented on a monitor or by a projector on a large screen.
The materials are grouped into sections:

Myself: focuses on issues relating to self esteem, personal skills and health
Others: focuses on social interaction, conflict and friendship
Attitudes: focuses on respect, responsibilty, manners and honesty
Dilemmas: presents common dilemmas faced by children

Clicking on one of the blue tabs above will take you to the relevant section. Here there is an 'Ask Me' launcher. This will launch a random discussion point from the relevant database. In the bottom right hand corner of each discussion point is the 'another' launcher. This will launch another random discussion point from the relevant database.
The 'Dilemmas' section offers short video clips to set the scene for each dilemma. These clips are about 350kb in size and require the Quicktime plugin.
If you are looking for a discussion point on a particular theme then click here.

Plug In Required
To play the movies you will require Quicktime installed. Quicktime can be downloaded for free by clicking on the Quicktime logo.

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