"Writing, to me, is simply thinking through my fingers."
Isaac Asimov


write2gether is a collaborative writing project between the children of Brockshill Primary School and Woodland Grange Primary School in Oadby.

In a world where things move at pace and technology advances daily, in a world where the school day is an action packed learning experience, write2gether is an opportunity for children just to write....to write freely and without the constraint of time or subject matter.

In March 2012 twelve Year 4 children from the two schools met over two afternoons in a quiet place. They had paper, books, pens, pencils, colours, access to working space inside or out, they had access to music and they had each other. The aim was to enjoy the time and freedom to write2gether.

Here are the stories, unedited, written purely for the enjoyment of writing......

the stories